Colorfully vibrant and rich with emotion, Lisa Bohnwagner’s animal paintings serve as reflections of ourselves and ask us to reconnect with our fundamental human nature. Growing up in the woods and marshes of Essex, MA Lisa has always expressed a deep empathy with animals. After receiving her bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Ringling School of Art & Design, her work in animal rescue added artistic insight into the best and worst of what people can do for animals and each other. Ultimately, Lisa returns us to the innate sense of joy and caring that lie within the deepest parts of our living souls.

“I am awestruck by Creation. Not simply creatures and creations, but the mysterious design that makes the system work. This design can speak directly to us right down to the cellular level. It also creates a connection that allows all things to speak to each other in some form: that is, if we’re paying attention.

My work begins with time spent in nature capturing observations and moments with my camera and journal. I search for that spark of recognition or connection. It could be the backward glance of a fox before it passes out of sight, or the recognition of the cells in my body that they needed to heal me after my spinal surgery. I translate these thoughts onto the canvas in acrylic paint using vivid color combinations and various textures. From color to thick brushstrokes to the inclusion of sand, glass and metals, the idea is to draw attention to the unique quality of each experience and each creation. My passion is simply to express the wonder of it all–to foster a greater appreciation and sense of stewardship for the creations that make up and share our world.”

In addition to my ongoing portfolio, I am also happy to accept commissions for pet portraits—a joyful and personalized way for you to display all the love you have for your pet. Please contact me via the contact page for more information.