An Open Door

“It sounds crazy and odd to make ‘connections’ with complete strangers! Doesn’t it though? I mean we give them our story but they don’t give theirs in return. Kinda lopsided. But hopefully they do give us some dough for our efforts! LOL.”  ~  Anonymous

I was stunned when I recently read this post in an online artist community. What is the point of creating art, any kind of art, if it isn’t for making a connection with others? Art is the language of our experience of life. We’ve all felt exquisite joy and pain. We’ve all been awestruck by some things and amused by others. Most importantly, we’ve all wanted to be loved and understood. Art is both the expression and the response.

I have drawn, painted and written – all of it a reverberating echo. From my perception of God and life, to the perceptions I receive from others and back again, art is a never ending conversation. After seeing my paintings or my blog, people have told me the most beautiful stories about their lives and experiences, everything from “I used to have a dog who looked like that,” to the woman who told me of losing her brother in a flash flood and how she agonized thinking about his last moments.

All these connections and conversations are precious to me. I want to touch others souls, and I feel that I can do that better in my art and writing than in person. Sometimes people tell me their story but don’t buy anything. Other times they quietly buy a painting and bring a part of my soul into their home. Either way is a powerful connection and relationship – not lop-sided at all!

Art and love are the same thing: It’s the process of seeing yourself in things that are not you.  ~  Chuck Klosterman

Let’s connect even more!  Check out my most recent painting on Instagram (more of that story to come in a future blog post).  Also, please see my web site for new prints and paintings available in my store or to commission a painting or pet portrait as a gift to yourself or a friend.  Another way to connect and share the love!


  1. Well what a thought provoking post! I quite agree, there are so many more levels to it than that. Art is something everyone understands, regardless of the language they speak or what there beliefs are. It’s an amazing way of connecting with others. By the way, I just LOVE the painting of the cat peeping through the door… Your use of colour and light is quite stunning!

  2. Love this, and so agree! I have a small painting that I bought at an art show. I feel so connected to the artist….we both saw something in that painting: maybe the same thing, maybe not. Every year when I see him I feel that same connection. The beauty of an art show is that you get to meet the artist, an added bonus!
    I too, love the cat at the door…beautiful.

  3. Thanks so much, Sandra! Yes, there are so many levels, and more kept cropping up in my mind as I wrote! Another beautiful thing about life – how universality comes in so many tints and shades.

  4. Thank you, anonymous! I love that one can connect with piece of art and yet have a completely different interpretation of it than the artist’s. And both are true! It’s a beautiful & magical thing!

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