Careful of What You Ask For…

In my first blog post I expressed my desire to spend more time dawdling, taking time to play and pay attention to the little joys of life. Three or four days after that post I discovered (completely unexpectedly) that I required major back surgery. This surgery would require me to be out of work for approximately 6 weeks. Not exactly the way I expected to integrate more dawdling time into my life, but now it is prescribed and enforced!

Elf on recovery bed

To be honest, between preparing myself, my family, my house and my work for this surgery, I haven’t had any time to dawdle at all – though I did manage to finish two paintings!  This will truly be an Inter-Mission in my life.   A time to rest and heal, but also a time to focus on this new mission.  As I lay here in bed I am taking great joy in the faith my kitty Elf has in me to curl up between my legs.  I notice the sunlight sparkling on the leaves of the trees outside my window like it does on water.  When I step outside with my walker I am moving slowly enough that dragonflies land on me and I admire their amazing bodies and wings.  So many colors and shapes of dragonflies, of flowers, of trees and cats and sticks and stones and humans.  Every single grain of sand, every creation is as individual as a snowflake.  The enormity of it all is astounding!  As is what is going on inside of me right now.  At this moment cells are multiplying and spreading in order to fuse some screws and rods and a section of my spine together.  My physical world has shrunk to not much more than the bed in my living room and there is pain, but I embrace this time spent with the enormity of life and a wide open heart.



  1. what a great selfie! Glad to see you dawdling again and look forward to your next dawdle. Continue discovering and exploring the simpler yet more exquisite details of life as you heal!

  2. Hi Lisa,

    Your outlook and you are amazing! I’ve no doubt you will have a speedy recovery. Thank you for sharing your journey and please know we are all thinking of you. Best in all. Heal fast and dawdle well!


  3. A beautiful post, and thanks. Keep ’em coming! It’s hard for me to imagine someone so full of energy and life laid up like this, but there you are, winning right through it. Prayers ascending, both for your healing and for the grace to lay low and let yourself heal.

  4. Lisa, there was a time in my life that I had to lay in bed for 7 months…. Most of that time in very much pain… Uncontrollable Tears pain….. I did heal and that time brought me a new inner spiritualism and outlook on my life, career and the importance of family and true friendship. I look back remembering that it was a very important time for me. I pray that you will rehab fast and take positive bibs from this trying time. Much love comes your way.

  5. Many thanks to all of you for your comments. I take them all to heart. It means so much to me that you took the time to share. We’re all in this life together and it is a beautiful thing!

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