Dew Ewe & I

Outside with my journal on a summer morning I begin to write.  A drop, a trickle, and then a torrent flows.  I remember who I am, where I am and WHY I am.  So many distractions to help us forget!  As I sit quietly and become aware of everything around me it all begins to glow with the touch of the miraculous upon it.  Every wandering ant has his Purpose.  Every sparkling drop of dew that ever so gradually winks out as it is absorbed by the sun.

These processes go on day in and day out all across the world as we check our Facebook feed or try to find the best deal on lawn chairs which we’ll use for the live version of Facebook on the weekend after the cooking and eating and drinking are over.  Is that part of the WHY that maybe I am missing?  The social bond and interaction?  Perhaps for some.  And they are as much a part of the process of Life as I who would prefer to sit and observe the drops of dew glinting out as the sun expands its range across the lawn.


lisa reading


I wonder how I can apply the process of observing drops of dew to the way I live my life.  And how can I share this Wonder with others?   But would anyone truly See?  Or care.  Or care enough to want to See more so that I could sustain myself this way as the facts and anxieties of food, shelter and clothing creep back in.  I can survive there in the 9-5 world, but it crushes the Better part of me – like a plant under a rock that becomes pale and weak and misshapen as it moves toward anything that offers the possibility of sustenance.  And there is Fear too.  Fear that the things that move my soul and make me create aren’t of any value to anyone else.  So I tell myself that I create for me.  That is true to a certain extent because the thoughts and images are bursting out of me, but it is also true that it’s important to me to share it – with the excitement and Joy of a child.  Look!  Look at the entire rainbow reflected in that tiny drop of dew!  Look!  Look at that sheep – the roundness of its curves, its beautiful glistening eyes, all the colors of the rainbow in the light and shadow on its wool!  Not much different than a drop of dew, really.  And neither are we as we glisten and reflect and are eventually absorbed into or out of Life.


Ewe 2 8" x 8" Acrylic
Ewe 2 8″ x 8″ Acrylic


  1. “Fear that the things that move my soul and make me create aren’t of any value to anyone else.”
    Boy, do I know that speaker. Haven’t found a voice that shuts it up yet, either. You are right that “Creating for myself” is not a full enough answer to satisfy me….

  2. Yes, I figured most of my artist (in the broad sense of the word) friends would relate. Doesn’t matter how many compliments or shows or awards or sales, it’s still there. Reminds me of something my MS doctor once said to me when I told him that I was experiencing pain down my right arm. He said, “You’re not actually in pain. It just feels that way.” Fair enough. Of course he also said he could give me a pill for that! 😉

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