Moving Toward Me (part 4, sort of)

I promised that Part 4 would be about moving tips. I can do that in the future if someone is truly interested, but honestly it didn’t interest me. I’m simply not a “tips & tricks” kind of girl. This is, however, a continuation of the story of our transition as we move forward into our “new” life.

The dream was not just to move to a warmer climate, but also to build our lives around our passions: yoga and music for Kevin, art, animals and writing for me. Now that we’re here, settled and ready to pursue our dreams it’s time to face the truth – I’m terrified.  I don’t know if this will work. Will anyone be interested in reading this? Will anyone be moved by my paintings?  I’m just Lisa.  Can I make a living from this?  Can I affect anyone at all?

I’ve been reading blogs, listening to podcasts and taking workshops on how to build a business. I’ve followed the models of others and researched their methods. I’ve been teasing out who my “ideal customer” is and how I can build a brand.  But all of this strategizing feels unnatural. None of that is me. I’m not that easily digestable.

Oxygen 6″ x 6″ Acrylic

When someone samples my work I’d like them to chew for awhile, swallow a little at a time and savor it. That is how I create – savoring each word or brushstroke.  And that is how I try to live.  It can be gulped, and often is in the fast world social media, but that’s not how it was intended.  Neither my work nor life.  My hope is that my work will nourish and fill people and give them the energy to step back into life inspired. That is who I am, for better or worse.


  1. Lisa, no matter where you are living, or how, there are kindred spirits who will relate to you and your work. It’s unique and special. I, for one, have always been moved by your paintings. If you decided to paint another subject, I think I would feel the same way… if you find that people are not receiving your paintings in the same way they did up here or somewhere else, that’s what the internet is for, we can now reach people all over the world with a few keystrokes. I’m not knowledgeable about the who’s and where’s but there are folks out there who do know so you need to check around with others in the area-
    Betw Kevin and yourself, you’re a very talented couple who complement one another- please continue to post and keep us up-to-date on your new life.. and keep your chin up

  2. Be of VERY good cheer! You both have all you need, with more to come.

    If you want or need inspiration, meet my friend Kelly Eddington. 5 years ago she was teaching HS art classes at low pay, with little life. Since then she has married and quit her job. She and her husband bought land in MO where they built their dream house (a very modest eco-friendly place in the woods.) And she has leveraged her very considerable talent into several arenas, by using the www etc etc. This is a good start page for seeing what she has done AND YOU CAN DO IT TOO!!!!!!!!

    If you are interested I might be able to connect you with her.

  3. Thank you, Karen, for your words of support & encouragement! In the near future I will be more actively promoting my web site, re-opening my online store and offering prints. I have a few other possibilities lined up as well. I do have hope though, because as I looked over my web site yesterday I realized that we now live the life that I longed for in my very first blog post. Now it’s simply a matter of being brave enough to put myself out there over and over again and see what happens.

  4. Thank you, Mark! I checked out Kelly’s various web pages – she’s very talented. I am nervous, but I know many full time artists, so I do know that it can be done. It’s just another scary step along this path we’re being led down. Doesn’t mean I’m going to stop, though! 😉

  5. Lisa since I just met you and we really don’t know each other yet I feel a bit awkward commenting. But I have to say that reading your process in moving to Chatt the similarities to what we just did in moving here from Chicago is eerie. We even rented an AirBnB for a month in Red Bank. The only difference is that we moved from a very private, large tree filled lot in the suburbs and this time we wanted to be in town and close to everything. Someday we will move out to the country again.
    I am looking forward to hopefully getting to know you better and follow your process as well. You are also inspiring me to get to writing again. I used to have a blog that I kept updated regularly. Then I tried to make it a business and it burned me out. I’m going to have to try to remember to keep it simple. I wish I had recorded our move like you did. I guess I can always go back and cover it in retrospect.

  6. Beth, as I’m sure you know, anyone writing a blog LOVES comments! Thank you! That is interesting about the move. You can always go back and write about it. Life offers tons of material every day and even more in the past. Go for it!

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