My Animal Why

Many people have asked why I paint animals the way I do.  I see animals as pure beings – emanations of God that are each perfectly designed to fill their specific niche within the system of this vast Universe.  Even an ordinary dog or cow has a role to play in the system and is beautiful and precious to me.  We humans have the opportunity to interact with all of these creatures to a greater or lesser degree.  Our interactions affect the way they live, thereby affecting the system as a whole. While we have the ability to choose our experience of life, animals may not.  Our unreflected choices can harm not only animals, but entire eco-systems, as was the case in Yellowstone National Park.

I believe all beings matter.  I paint to make a connection through the eyes of one creature into the soul of another.  Unique use of color makes the animals extra-ordinary, which makes them more noticeable.  By making them visible I increase awareness of their importance in our world and foster stewardship for them.

International artist Konstantin Dimopoulos, whom I met this past Fall, has a similar message regarding deforestation with his Blue Trees project.


I believe everything ever created, from atoms to planets, is completely unique and created for a Purpose. We all matter. If nothing else, I hope that my paintings can impart a passion for Life and the pure wonder of it all.

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  1. Lisa, you are amazing. I am honored to know you.

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