Nothing New, at Least Not Yet

Intensity 9″x 12″ acrylic $350 framed

I’m going to be perfectly honest – I have nothing brilliant to say. The winter weather keeps me inside which makes my soul dull from lack of sunshine and fresh air. I write this blog to inspire others to appreciate the utter beauty of life and follow their soul’s calling, but I don’t have anything to give this week. I’m sorry.

I also have a lot of things coming up which are occupying space in my mind:

  • This morning I’m flying to Massachusetts to spend my birthday with my mom.
  • Next week I have 8 new paintings going into several businesses around Chattanooga.
  • In two weeks I’m driving to North Carolina to attend a painting workshop and see a friend.
  • I’m on the fourth painting for my Lost Constellation series which I need to start promoting and I recently came up with another idea for a series linking animals and culture.
  • In February I’m doing a 30-day painting challenge.
  • In March I’ll be attending a flyball tournament to sell pet portraits.
  • In April eleven of my paintings will be in a multi-media presentation for the ASPCA and published in book form as well.
Lady Godiva on a Leash 11″x 14″ acrylic $450 framed

As these things occur (and the weather improves) I will have more to share. Until then I want to say a great big thank you to everyone who reads my blog and buys my paintings. It means so much to me to be able to share my soul’s calling: my love of animals, nature, life, and God. And I love you, too!

In peace, happiness & cheesecake ~ Lisa

As time progresses, stay tuned to my Facebook page for more information on the Lost Constellations series and the other new series I’ve started. I’ll also be posting new images on Instagram as well.

The website will soon have more new prints and paintings in the store and of course, you can always go there to commission a painting or pet portrait as a gift for yourself or a friend.

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  1. Yes, you did leave something – a lovely rendering of your bird!

  2. Happy birthday from deb and bonnie. Happy to see you with your mother. Not a guilt trip either! You visit alot

  3. Happy Birthday! just precious of you and Mom. Yes, you did leave something-the sunshine of your smile.

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