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Leo - Zodiac Constellation - 9"x 9"

Leo - Zodiac Constellation - 9"x 9"

"Constellation Leo" is an original acrylic painting with iridescent gold paint and silver-leafed stars on an 8" x 8" canvas in a 9" x 9" maple "float" frame.  Ready to hang or stand on a shelf.


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Leo is a fire sign, so naturally, people born under this sign (July 22-August 22) tend to be charismatic, creative, and warm-hearted.  Unfortunately, their egos can sometimes get them in trouble with others who don't understand their personality.


In Greek mythology, the constellation Leo represents the lion that Hercules killed as the first of his 12 labors to atone for murdering his family.   After strangling the lion, Hercules placed it in the sky to commemorate his conquest.

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