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Pulsar Pangolin (constellation Manis) - 25" x 31"
  • Pulsar Pangolin (constellation Manis) - 25" x 31"

    Pulsar Pangolin (lost constellation Manis) is an original acrylic, charcoal, and silver leaf painting on a 24" x 30" canvas in a contemporary maple "float" style frame.


    There used to be many more constellations in the sky than there are now.  In 1922 the International Astronomical Union formally recognized 88 constellations, effectively wiping all others from the sky.  This left many well-deserving constellations out in the cold.  Constellation Manis is one of those.  It was created by naturalist John Hill in 1754 in his book Urania: or, A Compleat View of the Heavens.  

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