Spinal Fusion Day 19 video (my scar and mental attitude) and day 21 update

Three weeks post op!  I saw the surgeon’s assistant on day 14 to get my sutures removed.  She thought everything looked great and that I was doing well with my recovery.  In the video below I show you my scar and talk about what it’s like on a day to day basis.

Day 21 – In addition to my walks, which I try to increase every day, I started a little workout program today.  These exercises aren’t much, but I want to start very conservatively building strength, increasing blood flow to the area and focusing on balance and posture which I’ll need once the back brace is gone.  Here’s what I do:

1. Standing at my walker I let my hands just barely touch the rails, close my eyes and stand on one leg alternating every 10 seconds – 10 x for each leg.

2. Next I lay on the floor wearing my back brace.  I tighten the lower ab area and do a slight pelvic tilt 10 x holding for 10 seconds each.

3. Still laying on my back I do a hamstring stretch bringing each leg to as close to 90* as I can manage. I alternate legs and hold for 20 seconds for 5 x each leg.

4. Next I do bridges lifting my pelvis up and holding for 10 seconds with a 10 second rest for 10 x.

5. Still on my back I do leg lifts – alternating legs, foot flexed, 10 x per leg for 3 x each.

6. Now I roll onto my stomach and do hip extensions (leg lifts), but for these I point my toe and hold for 10 seconds each, alternating legs, for a total of 10 x each.

7. Lastly I use resistance bands to do some kind of a row or reverse fly or lat pulldown.  Anything to strengthen my upper back for better posture.  I do these 10 x then rest 30 seconds for a total of 3 x.