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Hi, I'm Lisa.

Call, text, or email me:    978-225-0045

Years ago, when I was agonizing over putting my sick cat to sleep, a co-worker told me it wasn't really a big deal because animals don't have souls.  It horrified me that anyone would think that way!  That was when I discovered my life's purpose: to paint animal's souls.


It's become increasingly important that people see the Divine within all things.  From atoms to animals, from plants to planets, and from ourselves to others, All Creation Matters.  My passion is to express the wonder of it all and help foster a stronger sense of stewardship for the heart-achingly beautiful creations that surround us.  


One day, after spending most of our lives in the overcrowded stress-filled suburbs of Boston, my husband Kevin and I decided to change our lives.  We "Googled" the type of life we wanted and found Chattanooga, TN.  Over the next five years, we "test-lived" in several different parts of the country but are now, finally, settling down in the Chattanooga, TN area.  Surrounded by beautiful mountains, rivers, and a wealth of animals and birds, I feel a deep sense of peace.  And when I'm not painting, writing, or gardening I help my husband renovate houses with love.  

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