Hi, I'm Lisa.

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Years ago, when I was agonizing over putting my sick cat to sleep, a co-worker told me it wasn't really a big deal because animals don't have souls.  I was horrified that anyone would think that way!  Ever since that day I've made it my life's mission to paint animal's souls.


Over time it's become increasingly important to me that people see the Divine within all things, from atoms to animals to stars, other people, and especially within ourselves.  My passion is simply to express the wonder of it all--to foster a greater appreciation and sense of stewardship for all the creations that make up our world.  It's never my intention to humanize animals in my paintings.  I want my paintings of animals to humanize people.


After traveling about the country for several years, I'm currently secreted away in the "north woods" of Maine where I take inspiration from the forest and river behind our home - in between painting, writing, and helping my husband Kevin remodel the house.  The rest of the family, our little cat Elf and dwarf hamster Colin Creevey, are a constant source of joy and much needed comic relief.

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