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Yesterday a Facebook friend shared this short film.  It's really good animation, but it's also part of the problem. There's so much cynicism, anger, and resentment against life. So much hopelessness. Granted that life can be difficult but there is also so much beauty. There is so much to believe in! Simply pointing out problems and pouting about them is a dead end. Look for the good in the world and you will see it everywhere, even in the most difficult situations. By sharing it with others you become a part of the creative force of hope. You become a part of the answer.

A few years ago that probably wouldn't have occurred to me.  In fact. I might have even agreed with the sentiment of the video - life sucks, then you die.  It's the subtle and insidious theme of many current books, movies, and TV shows.  I wasn't aware of this until my husband pointed out how depressing one of my favorite shows was.  Then I began paying attention.  I began to guard my heart and mind from cynicism.  When Kevin and I watch TV, we watch things like Iron Chef, Fixer Upper, Dancing with the Stars, and American Ninja Warrior. We also watch videos by MJ SailingJB Peterson, Rupert Sheldrake, and Sadh Guru.  They are all examples of people making themselves and the world a better place, and they inspire us by focussing on creation.  Hope - something to build upon when life is difficult.  That's what compels us and keeps us going as we build our dream.

House update - 

We bought the house on Nov 2 and moved in on Nov 14.  All of the major systems in the house are up and running and we've accomplished a lot.  We've been keeping score and it seems like we're catching up!

We hired a couple of guys to pull out all of the insulation from the crawlspace under the house.  Thirty 40 gal bags!  It had been severely damaged by weather, wildlife, and neglect and was hanging down in sheets instead of being tucked up under the floorboards.

And this is why we hired someone instead of doing it ourselves.  Six and a half foot snakeskin!

Now we're hoping that we'll actually be able to focus on unpacking and prettying up the place!


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