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Catching Up With Y'All...

I can't believe it's been a little over four years since I wrote a blog! Our lives have changed radically in that time period. Most of you have some idea of what my husband and I have been up to, but many of you are new subscribers and don't know a lot about us so I'll give you a quick run-down to catch you all up!

2016 - Kevin and I decided to leave Massachusetts, where we were born and raised, to move to Chattanooga, TN because it offered us the lifestyle we wanted while we pursued our dreams.

2018 - One thing Chattanooga doesn't have is the ocean! We missed New England so much but we didn't want to move back. Instead, we decided to split the difference and moved to New Bern, NC.

2019 - While we were closer to the coast, North Carolina still isn't New England. Our Yankee roots were calling to us so we left New Bern to move to Brownfield, Maine.

2020 - Maine is cold and gets a lot of snow (one of the reasons we left Massachusetts in 2016) and we didn't get to spend much time outside. Kevin and I decided we lived our best life in Chattanooga and chose to return.

  • Sept - We sold our home in Maine to move back to the Chattanooga area.

  • Oct - We bought a very distressed house in the Chatt area to live in & renovate.

2021 - The house Kevin and I bought needed A LOT of work. It didn't even have heat or water when we moved in. We basically lived in one bedroom of the house with the cat, a coffee maker and a hot plate for the first few months. We focused most of our energy on getting the house done. The rest was focused on my mother who was having health issues. I traveled to Massachusetts about every six weeks to help and care for her.

2022 - The house renovation was completed and I got back to painting again!

  • Mar - My mother decided to move to Chattanooga to be close to us!

  • May - I started sharing an art studio with Linda Coulter at ClearStory Arts.

  • June - We bought a 2nd house in Alabama to renovate and sell.

  • Oct - I took part in my first art festival, at the urging of several artist friends.

  • Nov - I participated in my first large, multi-day, out-of-state art festival.

  • Dec - After a brief illness, my beautiful, wonderful mom passed away at the age of 92. I was (am still) devastated.

2023 - I poured my heart into painting and doing art festivals while Kevin continued to work on the reno house in Alabama. I participated in 16 art festivals in 5 different states (AL, FL, GA, NC, & TN). In August I chose to leave the art studio, since I was away so much, and painted in my home studio instead.

2024 - I decided to go "all in" on art festivals this year. In January, the first two festivals were my first really long distance ones - in Miami! And, at the second of those, I won my first big award! I've already particpated in eleven festivals so far this year and this weekend the Westport Fine Arts Festival will be the 30th since I started doing this a year and a half ago!

Being a shy, awkward and introverted person, I never imagined I would enjoy doing art festivals but they've changed my life! My greatest dream has always been for my work to connect with people's hearts and souls by illustrating how everything in Creation is connected: the expression in the eyes of an animal, the designs of sacred geometry, the elements that are the building blocks of life, the wonder of the stars, or the love between a pet and owner. At art festivals, I get to talk to people and help them see those connections, as well as meet others who already do. It's a dream come true! Of course, it's also a lot of work to drive long distances and set up and take down the booth. And then again there is the heartbreak of difficult weather and poor sales. Still, it's the most fulfilling work I've ever done and I want to keep doing it as long as I possibly can.

So that's it. You're all caught up to where we're at in May of 2024. But stay tuned - we plan to sell our reno houses and move again in the next month or two.... There's more to come!


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Remember, All Creation Matters, including you. 💜



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