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Finally!!! Moving East & Moving Forward - part 4


It's been a roller coaster ride - a lot of hurry up and wait - but finally, we'll be signing papers on Thursday.  Woohoooo!!! 

Unfortunately, the house has some issues we'll need to deal with before we can actually move in.  While the house was unoccupied, the copper pipes were stolen from the two AC units.  It shouldn't be too big of a deal to get those replaced.  What concerns us more is the septic system.  After failing inspection and having to install a $40,000 septic system at our Massachusetts home before we could complete that sale, we made sure to get this septic system inspected prior to purchase.  This would determine whether we'd proceed with the sale.  Kevin had this done while I was visiting my mom in Massachusetts last week.  The results?  Inconclusive.  The control panel that runs the pump that pushes things through the system isn't working so we can't test the system.  We don't know if the pump works or if there are any leaks in the system.  It could be as simple as repairing the control panel or we may need to repair and/or replace the entire system.  We both chewed on that for a week, me in MA and Kevin in NC. 

You can see the stress on my face.  Literally.  :(

When I returned we sat down to take a look at the big picture and all the things the house has to offer: solid build, size, location, acreage, etc. - all perfect for creating our retreat center.  In the end, we decided to move forward and pray for the best.  We'll need to stay in the hotel awhile longer, but at least we're one step closer to our dream! 

Please pray for us!  Next time I will have much more to report - for better or worse.  Till then, much love and God bless you!

Here are some pictures from my trip to MA to see my mom and friends, and my visit to Chattanooga for an art reception.  I stayed with my friend Lucy while visiting Chattanooga and somehow, foolishly, didn't take any photos!  So sorry Lucy!


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