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How I Create Texture in my Paintings (video)

One of the most common questions I receive is how do I create the texture in my paintings? My big secret is the painting ground. A "ground" is a product applied to a canvas to prepare the surface for paint. Gesso, a white acrylic sealer which prevents paint from absorbing into the weave of the canvas, is the most basic ground. Pre-stretched canvases purchased in art or craft supply stores are already "primed" with gesso and can immediately be used for oil or acrylic paintings. Beyond gesso there are a whole host of other pastes and gels which can be applied to the canvas to create various textures. In the video below I show you my favorites along with examples of how they've been used.

Click here if you'd like a downloadable pdf with all the information I talked about in the video along with the painting examples.

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