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Moving North (well, getting ready to anyway)

I took this photo seven months ago.  A 3,000 sq ft five bedroom, three and a half bath house on 13 acres of wooded land.  We bought this foreclosure with big plans but things haven't turned out quite as we expected.  Still, we've made quite a few improvements.  It all began with "the scorecard."  Pretty much everything in the house needed to be repaired or replaced.  The only thing that has worked since the beginning is the electricity.  

The first month was rough, but once we got the major operating systems going, then we were able to begin making the house into a home.  We just didn't realize that it would be a home for someone else. 

Except for the septic system, HVAC system, and carpeting, we've done all of the work ourselves.  And when I say "we" I mean mostly Kevin because I was painting much of the time.  Here's what we've finished so far.

 The front left bedroom (now studio) on the 2nd floor - before and after.

Plus three other bedrooms on the second floor.

 The first-floor master bedroom - before and after.

 The front entry - before and after.

The living room - before and after.

This house has come a long way and we've learned a lot.  Plus it feels good to have brought a dead house back to life!  We still need to install the plank flooring in the dining room, kitchen, and laundry room along with a few other odds and ends.  We're hoping to list the house by the end of the month, then we can start packing!  Hopefully, we'll get to spend at least part of the summer in New England.  Now that we know that's where we want to be, it's time to find our "forever home." 


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