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Moving South & Moving Forward - Part 1

It's been a long time since I last posted, but so much has happened!

Last January my husband Kevin and I decided to pursue our dreams.  For Kevin, this means helping people to create Meaning in their lives through yoga and counseling.  For myself, it means sharing the awe and joy of Creation through my art and writing.  For both of us, it meant leaving Massachusetts.  While there is much we love about New England, the congestion, busy-ness, cost of living and long winters are simply at odds with what we want for our lives.  We made lists separately and together of our ideal hometown and began an online search.  One place continually rose to the surface - Chattanooga, TN.

In February we booked the flight and on May 8th Kevin & I visited Chattanooga for the first time.  We immediately fell in love!  Once called "the dirtiest city in America," Chattanooga has invested millions of dollars into its beautification and revitalization.  Spanning the Tennessee River with 4 bridges and surrounded by mountains it is a small and sedate city compared to Boston, but has all the features a cosmopolitan city-dweller could want (free electric trolleys, diverse restaurants, high-quality public art, museums, coffee-shops, and nightclubs) while still appealing to the outdoorsy types (parks, rock-climbing, kayaking, the Ironman competition, and a 13 mile Riverwalk path for walking, running & biking).  The very first day we decided that this is where we wanted to live.

Soon after arriving home we found a Realtor (thank you, Mark D. for the reference & Lauren C. for outstanding work!) and put our house up for sale.  On June 12th we accepted an offer and began the process of moving our lives to Tennessee.

Packing gave us the opportunity to significantly simplify our lives - another part of our dream.  We sold, gave or threw away approximately two-thirds of everything we owned. That's a whole new post.  More on that next time....


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