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Moving Toward Me (part 4, sort of)

I promised that Part 4 would be about moving tips. I can do that in the future if someone is truly interested, but honestly, it didn't interest me. I'm simply not a "tips & tricks" kind of girl. This is, however, a continuation of the story of our transition as we move forward into our "new" life.

 The dream was not just to move to a warmer climate, but also to build our lives around our passions: yoga and music for Kevin, art, animals and writing for me. Now that we're here, settled and ready to pursue our dreams it's time to face the truth - I'm terrified.  I don't know if this will work. Will anyone be interested in reading this? Will anyone be moved by my paintings?  I'm just Lisa.  Can I make a living from this?  Can I affect anyone at all?

I've been reading blogs, listening to podcasts and taking workshops on how to build a business. I've followed the models of others and researched their methods. I've been teasing out who my "ideal customer" is and how I can build a brand.  But all of this strategizing feels unnatural. None of that is me. I'm not that easily digestible.

When someone samples my work I'd like them to chew for a while, swallow a little at a time and savor it. That is how I create - savoring each word or brushstroke.  And that is how I try to live.  It can be gulped, and often is in the fast world social media, but that's not how it was intended.  Neither my work nor life.  My hope is that my work will nourish and fill people and give them the energy to step back into life inspired. That is who I am, for better or worse.


Let's connect!  Say hello and see my most recent paintings (and some mountain views!) on Instagram and Facebook.  Also, check out the prints and paintings available in my store. And of course, you can always commission a painting or pet portrait as a gift to yourself or a friend.  Just another way to connect and share the love!



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