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Pure Strength

My mom turned 87 yesterday. Yep, 87. And what did she do on her birthday? She spent several hours on her hands and knees weeding gardens! But that's what she loves to do. She is so full of life!

Mom still lives in her home, cares for her many gardens, manages a rental unit and drives to her various events and appointments. In the past five years she's dealt with the loss of my father, a broken wrist, rotator cuff surgery, the loss of her dog and a brain hemorrhage. Each of these experiences could diminish a person, but not my mom. She has only grown stronger.

It was difficult to move away from my mom because we have a very close relationship. I miss her and worry about her, but just like every other situation, she has adapted to the change and grown even stronger. We talk on the phone or Skype several times a week, and she's met even more friends since my move.  She also goes to a class, a dinner or some other event almost every single day. Before my father passed away he asked if Mom could move in with Kevin and I because he didn't think she would be capable of managing on her own. She has proven him wrong a thousand times over and I am so proud of her!

Tomorrow I'm flying to Massachusetts to spend a few days celebrating her birthday with her. We're going to have a lot of fun. I'll take her on some adventures and engage that sense of delight that she's fostered in me. She'll eat chocolate and I'll soak up her sweetness. Mostly, I will love her and treasure every moment.


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