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So Close...! Moving East part 3

As I type this, we're anxiously waiting to hear if our offer on this house in New Bern, NC has been formally accepted.  I found the listing at the end of July, while we were still living on Lookout Mountain, but it had a pending offer.  After our trip to look at homes in Virginia, the house came back on the market.  We visited it on Sept 26th, made an offer on Sept 27th, negotiated back and forth, and had our offer accepted with contingencies on Oct 3rd.  Now the contingencies have all been taken care of and we're waiting for the final word so we can begin inspections.  If all goes well, we will close and it will be our new home before the end of the month!

During our wait, we've visited with friends, celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary, explored more of New Bern and discovered Atlantic Beach, which is one hour away from our new home.

We're so close now!  So close to getting our new home.  So close to building the art & yoga retreat we've been dreaming about.  And none of this would be possible without all of you behind us!  Kevin and I can't thank you enough.  From Robin Thornhill's art classes to Kevin's yoga students; from Realtor Mark Dirksen evaluating our house in Middleton, MA way back in 2010 to Lucy Crider helping us pack up our house on Lookout Mountain; from Anne Raisis helping us through a crisis last week to everyone who has liked and commented on this blog and our IG & FB posts over the past few years, we are ever so grateful.  And of course, to our mothers and God, as well.  We are truly inspired and motivated by every one of you to keep growing, to keep trying to make this world a more beautiful place.  We love all of you.  Thank you for being a part of our Epic Journey.  We'll update you as soon as we know more!

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