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The Code for the Epic Journey

My husband came up with the concept of The Epic Journey sometime around our wedding day 16 years ago.  Like all young people in love, we were talking about our grand designs for the future.  The way our relationship came together was a long, strange, circuitous road and moving forward Kevin anticipated that our life together would be much the same.  There will be meandering misdirected paths, heart-wrenching struggles and wondrous treasures along the way.  I thought if we were to undertake an Epic Journey, we should have some sort of compass to follow so I wrote the Code.  Sixteen years later I still have the original sitting here on my desk and I believe it is as significant now as it was then.  This is not to say that we follow the Code perfectly.  We do stumble and stray down those misdirected paths, but when we're lost it helps us get back to True North.

  1. Practice Living daily - to any extent, mysticism and baby steps to the goal.  Every little bit gets us that much closer to our dreams.

  2. Dress rehearsal - dress, think, speak and behave as if we are already are and we will become the people we want to be.

  3. The body is a temple - instant gratification does not lead to lasting peace.

  4. Practice silence - do not engage is trifles as they will lead us astray.

  5. Imitate Christ - trust, love, and charity toward others.

  6. Garbage in, garbage out - monitor what we watch, listen to, and how we speak and behave.

  7. Less is more - in all aspects of things relating to the self - mysticism.  Focus on God.


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