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The Gift of a Name

Last weekend I was at the UFLI (United Flyball League International) national championships at Purina Farms in Missouri. It was similar to other tournaments I've been to, only cranked up ten or twenty notches! This photo doesn't really do the situation justice, since they were between races. But this event was definitely bigger, louder and faster-paced than the usual tournaments, and emotions were running pretty high all around.  But despite being so intense, the people and dogs I met were really great, and I even received a gift!

About halfway through the first day, a man and his daughter were looking at my paintings and commented on how the cairn terrier resembled their dog, Bessie. Upon closer inspection of the reference photo I had placed next to the painting, they said, "That is Bessie!"  They asked about the photo and realized it was from a tournament they don't normally attend, but had gone there by chance this past Spring. That's why none of my flyball friends could identify the dog when I originally painted it.

This was a gift! I was so happy! I paint animals because I see and feel a particular beauty in their souls. If I know the animal's name it adds personality - another dimension to the painting. Both the name and the life of a pet is imbued with meaning from its owner, and it troubles me when I don't know the name because a part of the meaning is missing. I'm so grateful that Bessie's owners recognized her. I got to say hello to Bessie and find out more about her. And her owners bought the painting, too! Blessings all around!


Check out my most recent paintings and mountain views on Instagram.  Also, please see my website for new prints and paintings available in my store or to commission a painting or pet portrait as a gift for yourself or a friend.  Another way to connect and share the love!



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