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The More Things Change...

Archangel Gabriel, the revealer. Anonymous, 1100 AD and Lisa Bohnwagner, 2016 AD

Our decision to move back to New England has caused me to reevaluate many things. We thought we wanted an entirely different life. Now we realize that actually, only a few things needed to change to make everything else fall into place. I feel the same is true of my art business and even the paintings themselves.

Despite the fabulous results I've had with my e-commerce site, it never felt authentic to me, so I've decided to change from the e-commerce model back to a gallery model. Sales are necessary for survival, of course, but what's most important to me is the message I want to get across. From my own experience that happens much more effectively when the work is experienced in person.

Naturally, it follows that the work itself also needs to be powerful. I began painting in 2004 and created 129 paintings over the next eleven years. In the past four and a half years I've created 127 paintings but they haven't always had the spiritual impact that I think most of the earlier paintings did. That troubles me deeply. As the name of this blog states, "all Creation matters" - plants, animals, the Earth, you - not as pretty objects, but as spiritual beings connected through the profound experience of Life. It's that spritual connection I want to express and share with the world. If I don't feel that in a particular painting, then how can I expect anyone else to? I will take time during this transition period to evaluate my work for how I can express it best.

As the old saying goes, the more things change, the more they stay the same. As exciting as change is, it's important to take a step back sometimes to reflect on the past and how it can inform the future. I can't wait to see what the future holds!


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