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The Tao of Moving

In five days Kevin and I will be leaving this place, this time in our lives, and the friends we've made here to begin a new adventure.  I'll admit that I've been struggling with it because I've loved it all.  In particular, I love the connections, neighbors, and friends I've met here.  And I love the person I've become. 

I hadn't truly realized how much I've changed until I reflected on something I did a few days ago.  I behaved rudely toward someone and it's bothered me ever since.  Before moving here I often behaved that way without thought or remorse.  I was a different person then, who felt like I was being swept along helplessly in the current of life.  I ferociously held onto and protected things I thought could control.  

Somehow since moving here, I've come to realize that I'm not swept along by the current of life, the current is God in my life.  We flow around, amongst and through experiences together.  God is the only thing I can hold onto.  I have to let go of everything else, though I can still feel their effect upon my life. 

The highest good is like water  In that it benefits all things  And is serene in places that others detest.  Thus, it is like the Tao. Live in accordance with the nature of things.  The goodness of the heart is found in its depth.  The goodness of giving is found in its kindness.  The goodness of words is found in its truth.  The goodness of governing is found in its justice.  The goodness of duties is found in ability.  The goodness of action is found in timing.  One who lives in accordance with nature  Does not go against the way of things.  He moves in harmony with the present moment,  Always knowing the truth of just what to do.  ~ Tao Te Ching (verse 8) by Lao Tzu

It's time to let go of this life in Chattanooga and look toward the future.  After we move I will still feel the effect of all the experiences and lives that touched mine while I was here and I will carry them with me as I will flow on into new ones.

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